Sipping wine in Porto

After being in the south along the Algarve coast, a little more north of Lisbon, the next logical stop was to visit the city of Porto. Porto Porto, also known as Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, which I first started my 7-month journey in. The population of Porto and the surrounding area comes in about 2.1 million. It’s also one of the oldest European centers and its historical core has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Feb 2017 Monthly Report

This will be a monthly recurring post which might not necessarily show up in my blog’s main home feed. The purpose of these posts are to keep track of my monthly numbers, for the first month of Feb 2017, it will basically just consist of my Google Analytics numbers along with my Amazon Affiliate numbers. Along with the actual numbers, I will also be including any tips or tricks, or anything that I did differently that month from the month before, so as I learn, you can learn as well.