Recommended Resources

Everything on this page I personally use and pay for. I will never recommend anything that I don’t think is valuable, the only thing is that if you’re going to sign up for something and a link is located below that you use it so that I can get credit for referring you.

Maiko’s in Japan, taken after I finished filming a TV show

Website Hosting

For this blog I use WordPress, it’s free, easy to use and most website hosting providers provide simple one click installations. WordPress is also one of the most common platforms for blogs and websites nowadays and there is a ton of useful information out there along with free themes, plugins, and everything else you can imagine to create an awesome site.

For hosting WordPress I recommend using SiteGround. It is fairly cheap and gives you a free domain name which is an awesome way to start building out a website, they have great customer service and automatic WordPress updates which make your life a ton easier.

VPN I use when Traveling

Sometimes depending where your traveling and want to have that extra piece of mind when connecting to the internet you use a VPN. During my last couple of months, I started to use TunnelBear when I was in Asia last year. They are an easy to use VPN, for laptops and your mobile device and allows you to choose the region you want to “Tunnel” your Bear to.


One of the key things for any person looking to start their own business or highly successful people is to always keep learning no matter what, the main tool I use is the Amazon Kindle, this portable e-reader is awesome and allows you thousands of books on the go. No only does it have a ton of storage but most of the time the books are cheaper than buying the physical hard/soft cover.

Check out here to find some books that I recommend reading.


I have the Pro package for Dropbox which currently runs around ~$11 CAD a month, it allows for up to 1TB of storage along with access across any of my devices which can connect to the internet. I used this to automatically upload my photos from my iPhone to the cloud when I was traveling in case my phone every gotten stolen I still had all the memories. Along with photos, I keep backup versions of any travel documents I need in case those go missing as well.


Sometimes when you have so many things to do you lose track of where/when and what exactly needs to be done. Trello is an online tool that allows you to manage projects and personal tasks, you can use it across the web, mobile devices, slack and can attach files from google drives, dropbox, while the paid options include MailChimp, salesforce, and more integrations.


To keep connected to any email subscribers I may have, I use MailChimp. MailChimp is one of the world’s leading email marketing platform, with customers anywhere from small e-commerce shos to big online retailers. No matter how big or small your subscriber list is, they have solutions for everyone, including a free plan for up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month.