Surf, Sun, and Fun in Lagos Portugal

After my post talking about the first stop of my trip to Lisbon, I mentioned how I decided to head down to Lagos which is in the Algarve coast in Portugal.


The main town of Lagos is set in the Barlavento region of the Algarve, on the southern coast of Portugal. The population runs around 22,000 but as you can imagine this number greatly increases come summer time when tourists like myself begin to show up and take over the city.  Lagos has plenty of beaches, rock formations, restaurants, hotels, and the very frequently visited bars.

Some views of the coast


The hostel I booked for this part of the trip was The Rising Cock which apparently is rated as one of the top 10 party hostels in the world by CNN travel. When I got there, 2 of the people from Lisbon and a couple more were on their way in the coming days. It’s hard to describe Lagos, it was currently just before the busy season, but you can feel that there is something special in the air there. When I first arrived I kind of just wandered around lost looking for the hostel and then someone stopped me and helped me out on how to get there and said “Welcome to Lagos” like I had no idea what I was in for. I ended up booking 3 nights at the hostel but just like all the bartenders told me, Lagos tends to suck people in and they stay there forever.

One of those dangerous things in the bars in Lagos, where they have the countries listed and running tally of how many beer funnels they’ve completed


Besides the going to bars every night there were other activities to be done in Lagos. You can book a kayak tour which goes around the rock formations and in/out of some caves. You definitely want to be prepared to get wet and for tackling the waves while out in the open ocean, and don’t forget the potential sharks… The tour went around the rock formations and stopped for about a 30-minute break on a secluded beach, on the way back thankfully you attached all the kayaks together and get dragged back to the meeting point by the safety boat. Make sure you come with an even group or else one of you will be paddling either by yourself or a completely random person and that could make the whole experience pretty awkward.

Watch out for those sharks!


Along with the kayaking, mountain biking, and pretty much any other tour you can imagine, in Lagos, you also have the opportunity to take surfing lessons. For this part of my stay in Lagos, I moved over to the Algarve Surf Hostel. This hostel is basically just a large modern villa with its own swimming pool, it’s located about a 15-minute walk outside of the main area of town where all the entertainment is, but nothing crazy. The surf hostel was a little different than the rest of them, as most people stayed for the week so it allowed us all to get to know each other better instead of constantly answering the 5 most common questions you get while your traveling

  1. Where you from?
  2. What’s your name?
  3. How long have you been traveling?
  4. Where have you been?
  5. Where are you going next?

Besides the going out to the bars some nights during my time spent at the surf hostel, I only did the 1 surf lesson as the cold salt water absolutely destroyed my nose and I was sniffling every day after that. The nice weather also decided to go away and it got down to temperatures less than what it was back in Canada. My time in Lagos ended with one final night out with all the people from the surf hostel along with a group dinner. Next stop was up to Porto to try some Port wine.

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